Radio biography

My name is Nelu, born in 1947 and I am radioamateur since SWL with the call YO2-1084/TM on 1968, with YO2BEH on 1973 and from April 2003 my call is YO2RR. YO2R is my contest call in period  2007-2009. The army did it on radio communications. Until 1990 i worked as a instructor and trainer dealt with radiocommunications. After many years of activity, I obtained the Class 1 license .
I started private business since 1990 on civil and industrial buildings with S.C. CLUB S.R.L. Since 2008 I am retired and my two boys continue the business .

I am a member of : YODX CLUB # 139, DIG # 3377, CHC # 1689, NCDXF # 5328, PRO-CW # 5, PRO-DIGI #1, EACW CLUB # 138, SKCC # 5848, PODXS 070 CLUB # 141, CTC # 285, FH # 120, DMC # 856, EPC # 7088,BCS # 594, OBC # 268, TRC . In 1986 I was awarded the title International master of radiospor(Decision)
Between 2000 and 2019, every year, I was part of YR0HQ for the IARU HF World Championship. The 2019 edition will be the last one to take part as an operator of this team.
In 1981 took the exam and became a republican referee in radio sports. I established with my call over 267.000 HF QSO's in CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, SSTV, PSK31, PSK63, PSK125, MFSK16, HELL, OLIVIA ...( My favorite operating mode is CW and DIGI mode on HF and SAT) and I have confirmed 349 DXCC(every 340 current entities + 9 deleted and #1 on YO DX CLUB) till now and over  1250 awards (most in contests) including 10BDXCC +DXCC SAT. In 2016 I obtained HONOR ROLL #1, HONOR ROLL CW, HONOR ROLL PH and
Challenge 2700 from ARRL. My second passion is pigeon racing, which I have been practicing since 1953 when I was 6 years old, and especially racing pigeon competitions.
From the founding of radio club YO2KHK in 1975 until 2019, I was the only active operator. After this date, it also started to activate YO2CMI occasionally. With this radio station I estabilished over 20.500 qso's in all modes and I have confirmed 346 DXCC (338 current entities +8 deleted). YO2KHK is radioclub #1 on YO DX CLUB. In 2016 I obtained for club station 8 Bands DXCC + SAT DXCC, HONOR ROLL Mixed and Challenge 1800 from ARRL.
Until 2020, I  frequently participate in international contests in all working modes.(Usually during daytime in 15m CW or Digital modes) I achieved 23 first places worldwide, over 55 second and third places and many first places / YO , in 2006 I was awarded the first place , thus becoming champion at YODXHF. In 2008 I  obtained the third place, on 2009 second place and in 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015,  first place in SO15m at same contest.
After 2006 I am contest manager, referee and personal sponsor of PCC (PRO-CW-CONTEST) whice takes place the first full weekend of  December and PDC (PRO-DIGI-CONTEST whice takes place the third  full weekend of January. I invite you to participate in these wonderful contests organized by PRO RADIO CONTEST CLUB.
I use the following equipment: Transceivers: IC-7610 and IC-9700 (for satellite mode),  RC-28, Contest Console for ICOM, Amplifires: B36 RF-2K5+ , ACOM 2100,  HLV-1000 and  PALSTAR HF-AUTO Antenna Tuner, Spid RAK Antenna Rotator for HF antenna, Spid RAS for LEO SAT, 2 x  USB Interface III , LP-100A (Digital SWR & Wattmeter),  BY-2 Bencher paddle, Antenas: LZA-10-5 ( on an ALU-02 telescopic mast installed on the balcony, HM Multi dipole for 80, 60, 40  and 30m, HM Magnetic Loop for 160m, XW-214 and XW-7020 for LEO SAT, UP & DOWN CONVERTER from KUHNEelectronic for QO-100, GPS and Dish 85cm antenna, CN-901 and MFJ-849 , PC DELL 2.9 GHz/8 GRAM, Win 10 Prof .
PC Programs: Logger32, SatPC32, MMVARI, MMSSTV, KG-STV, MSHV and I use N1MMfor contests.

                                                   Now 73 and gl from Nelu  / YO2RR.                                                                 03 May 2024